Photo: M. Randall

Photo: M. Randall
Photo: M. Randall

Monday, 2 June 2014

More Club-tails and White-legs

Good news from Jonathan Groom that amid numerous Banded Demoiselles a smattering of White-legged damselflies were putting in an appearance on the River Severn near Buildwas this weekend.
Hopefully most of them looked in better order than this poor female! A reminder of how things can go slightly wrong -probably in this case on emergence. Having checked iRecord a little later than planned (!) I also find a record of this species at Eardington NR on 19th May -apologies to Kain Prestwood for missing this- it may well have been the first this season- lovely pic below of the healthier specimen recorded.
Back to Buildwas Jonathan also saw the Common Club-tail this weekend. Good to get some records for this species as it is nationally regarded as Near Threatened and in recent years has certainly been under recorded locally. 

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