Photo: M. Randall

Photo: M. Randall
Photo: M. Randall

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Demoiselle Double at Rea Brook

Having spotted Beautiful Demoiselle earlier this month Jonathan Groom has returned to Rea Brook to find Beautiful and Banded Demoiselle- the latter shown below.

The guide books highlight the different habitats preferred by these species- typically slow flowing streams and rivers with muddy sediment for the Banded Demoiselle and faster flowing sand/gravel based streams for the Beautiful Demoiselle. They do however occur together as seen by Jonathan where patches of sand or gravel are present alongside muddier substrates.

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  1. Thanks for posting my findings.
    That's interesting, regarding the habitat types. They were both initially found around the same pool but the Beautifuls seem to have spread out across the site now. The Rea Brook itself seems to fall between the two stream types - its reasonably fast but has a mud/soft sediment base. Not sure if there is any gravel. Only one Banded so far but I will keeping an eye on things!